Recommendations for Patching SharePoint 2016

According to Microsoft and other references, SharePoint patching has the following criteria:

  1.  SharePoint 2016 publish new Cumulative update for each month
  2. Always last cumulative update includes Feature 1 & Feature 2 of SharePoint 2016
  3. Start install update file start with “sts” which is the primary SharePoint update
  4. Then install the second file start with “wss” which is contains updates for all languages
  5. SharePoint does not require a specific order for servers to patch
  6. To patch SharePoint 2016 with zero downtime then you need to fulfill a specific condition, for more information
  7. SharePoint 2016 binaries, patches, and language packs include all the fixes are required for Project Server
  8. After applying the patching, run Configuration Wizard in each server or run this command
    psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures -cmd secureresources
  9. In case of issues, review the PSConfig and Upgrade log files
  10. To reduce the time of patching, make sure to stop these services: SharePoint Timer Service, SharePoint Search Service, SharePoint Search HostController Service and IIS
  11. SQL Server patching is separated from SharePoint patching
  12. Always check these sites for new updates and recommendations
  13. Review Microsoft SharePoint update deployment cycle

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