Error in the Microsoft SharePoint Server People Protocol Handler

To configure SharePoint user profile with search service in order to create employee directory with search functionalities, make sure to have the following points is configured:

  1. Configuring User Profile and Managed Metadata services
  2. Configuring Synchronization Connections
  3. Starting Profile Synchronization with full Synchronization (user need Replicating Directory Changes permissions)
  4. Adding User Profile and Managed Metadata services to web application Service Connections
  5. Grant search Default content access account permission in user profile serviceUntitled
  6. Creating search content source with this link format sps3://URL
  7. Run full Crawal

If you get this error “Error in the Microsoft SharePoint Server People Protocol Handler” in search logs then make sure to add value in My Site Host location in user profile.





Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 on AWS

AWS is a great place to host SharePoint Server 2016 on the cloud and even AWS created cloudformation template to create high available environment for SharePoint Server 2016.

You can find cloudformation template and its documentation in this link:


Here I want to mention some points to consider when using AWS services:

  1. Hosting SharePoint Server 2016 on AWS could provide 40% savings over the typical cost to deploy an on-premises SharePoint solution.
    [Based on many factors like topology design, region, ec2 types and High available solutions]
  2. Instead of using EC2 as domain server, with AWS Managed Microsoft AD, you can run directory-aware workloads in the AWS Cloud, including Microsoft SharePoint and custom .NET and SQL Server-based applications
  3.  It’s recommended to use SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups , but if you want to use Native SQL Server Failover Clustering then you need third party tools and services.